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Eager to Motivate

The BAD Podcast Media Kit

About The BAD Podcast Welcome to The BAD Podcast, a powerful tool that deepens into fitness, motivation, running, and everything in between. Whether you’re just starting your journey or an experienced athlete, our episodes are designed to inspire and push you toward new goals. With expert advice from guests on training and nutrition and uplifting […]

Small Town Athlete Pursuing Podium Success in Division One Track

John Swabic is a current redshirt junior at the University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in sociology with minors in leadership and community engagement and education. He excels as a decathlete, showcasing incredible dedication and passion for track and field. John’s journey from a small town athlete to a collegiate star is a testament to his […]

Expert Tips for Finding the Perfect Running Shoes

About the Guest(s): Brad Albers is the operating partner of Fleet Feet in Charlotte, North Carolina, overseeing multiple locations in the market. With a deep-rooted history in the running industry, Brad brings experience and expertise to help runners achieve their best performance and cross the finish line with joy. Episode Summary: In this episode of […]

Pushing Limits: Mental Toughness in Weight Loss to Ironman

Guest: Cliff Bio: Cliff is a former school teacher and basketball coach who underwent an incredible transformation by losing 88 pounds and becoming an avid runner, swimmer, and cyclist. He started his fitness journey three years ago and has since completed a marathon, a half Ironman, and is currently training for a full Ironman. Cliff […]

Triumph Over Trials: Lacy’s Comeback with SlickText and Purpose

Lacy is a dedicated professional who joined e2m in November 2020, experiencing significant life changes. As a single mom of three, she found solace and transformation through e2m, integrating fitness into her life. Lacy is also the Customer Support Manager at Slick Text, a text message marketing platform. She leads a team that helps clients […]

Unlock Your Mental Strength: A Coach’s Guide

Mike Aidala is a performance coach based in Boulder, Colorado. He is the founder of The Offense, a coaching business that helps individuals live life on offense by taking action and being proactive. Mike is known for his expertise in mental toughness and mindset coaching, and he specializes in working with athletes and individuals looking […]

Former NFL Player Discusses Hard Work, Discipline, and Bodybuilding

David Jones is a former professional football player who played in the National Football League (NFL) for six years. Originally from South Carolina, Jones had the opportunity to play college football and then transitioned into the NFL. After his football career, he entered the entrepreneurial space and currently works in the tech industry. Jones is […]

Bravery, Community, and the Power of Curiosity in Fitness

In this episode of the Bad Podcast, Dawain, and Brad discuss the importance of bravery and community in personal growth and fitness. They emphasize that being brave doesn’t mean the absence of fear but rather finding the courage to pursue your goals despite fear. They also highlight the power of community and how surrounding yourself […]

From Rock Bottom to Ironman: Chadwick’s Incredible Journey

About the Guest(s): Chadwick Brothers: Chadwick Brothers is a former client of the E2M program who has overcome significant challenges in his life. After struggling with substance abuse and hitting rock bottom, Chadwick found a path to recovery and rebuilt his life. He is now an Ironman triathlete, having completed a grueling 140.6-mile race. Chadwick’s […]

Natasha Hines: Overcoming Challenges to Succeed

About the Guest: Natasha Hines is a military veteran, entrepreneur, and the founder of Keep Your Hair Headgear. After serving in the military for 20 years, Natasha noticed that her military hats were causing damage to her hair by drying it out and causing breakage. This inspired her to create silk liners for military hats […]