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Eager to Motivate

About The BAD Podcast

Welcome to The BAD Podcast, a powerful tool that deepens into fitness, motivation, running, and everything in between. Whether you’re just starting your journey or an experienced athlete, our episodes are designed to inspire and push you toward new goals. With expert advice from guests on training and nutrition and uplifting stories of triumph and perseverance, our podcast is your ultimate source for fitness and running. Get ready to get down with the BAD Boys of E2M, Brad, and Dawain.

Meet the Hosts

– Personal Trainer for E2M Fitness
– Head Run Coach for Eager 2 Run
– Brings expert insights on fitness and running


– E2M Director of Communications
– Expert in motivational content
– Brings engaging stories and professional perspectives

Together, Brad and Dawain explore the journeys of fitness professionals, athletes, and motivational speakers, aiming to inspire everyone to become their best selves.

Podcast Focus

– Fitness: Tips and routines to enhance physical health and performance.
– Motivation: Inspirational stories and advice to keep you driven.
– Running: Comprehensive insights into running techniques, training, and experiences.
– Interviews: Expert advice from renowned trainers, athletes, and motivational speakers.
– Stories of Triumph: Real-life experiences of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.

Audience Demographics

– Age Range: From high school athletes to adults seeking personal growth.
– Interests: Fitness enthusiasts, runners, people on motivational journeys, and anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well-being.
– Goals: Personal development, fitness improvement, and motivational support.

Why Advertise with Us?

– Targeted Audience: Reach a diverse group of listeners passionate about fitness and personal growth.
– Engaged Community: Our listeners are highly engaged and motivated to learn and implement new strategies.
– Expert Content: Our podcast features expert advice and inspirational stories that resonate with our audience.

Contact Us

For advertising inquiries and more information:

– Email:

– Website: www.e2mfitness.com/podcast

Follow Us

– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/e2mfitness
– Instagram: @e2mfitness https://www.instagram.com/e2mfitness