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E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
Spoonettes Podcast - The Importance of Maintenance

Alicia Edwards, Whit Armstrong, and Mandy Engstrom are coaches on the Spoonettes podcast. They provide guidance and support to individuals on their weight loss and fitness journeys.


In this episode, Alicia, Whit, and Mandy discuss the importance of maintenance in the E2M (Eager 2 Movement) program. They emphasize the need to stay on track and provide tips for maintaining progress and transitioning to a new plan. They also address the mental challenges that can arise during maintenance and offer advice on how to overcome them. The hosts stress the importance of being gentle with oneself, celebrating small wins, and seeking support when needed.

Key Takeaways:

Maintenance in the E2M program involves transitioning to a custom exercise and eating plan after reaching weight loss goals.
Trust your trainer and follow their guidance during the maintenance phase.
Stick to your routines and establish new ones if necessary to maintain progress.
Congratulate yourself for small wins and be gentle with yourself during the transition.
If you experience an injury or cannot work out, focus on what you can do and maintain healthy eating habits.


“You still have to eat. We do not want you slipping on your eating.” – Whit Armstrong
“Focus on winning in the transition. Find something else that benefits you.” – Mandy Engstrom

Timestamp Summary
0:00:21 Introduction to the topic of maintenance in the E2M program
0:00:47 Tips for staying on track and transitioning to maintenance
0:01:55 Importance of routines and accountability in maintenance
0:03:11 Being gentle with yourself and celebrating small wins
0:05:53 Importance of therapy and deeper issues in maintaining goals
0:07:10 Dealing with injuries and making adjustments to workouts
0:08:01 Staying consistent with eating habits during injury recovery
0:09:36 Emphasizing the importance of not giving up and focusing on winning in transitions
0:10:07 Making progress in other areas of life during workout restrictions
0:10:37 Freeing up time to benefit oneself.
0:10:54 The importance of support and accountability.
0:11:26 Remembering the main goal and adjusting to reach it.
0:11:46 Appreciation for audience feedback and suggestions.
0:11:52 Conclusion and farewell to viewers.

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