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E2M Fitness Media Network
YES, I CAN Set new Limits Outside Lens with Mike McKnight

About the Guest

Mike McKnight is a professional ultra runner and coach based in Northern Utah.
He has been running for a decade and specializes in ultramarathons.
Mike is known for pushing his limits and challenging traditional beliefs in the running community.
He broke his back in a skiing accident over a decade ago, which led him to discover ultrarunning and redefine his capabilities.

Episode Summary:
In this episode of the Bad podcast, hosts Brad and Dawain are joined by special guest Mike McKnight, a professional ultra runner and coach. The episode explores the concept of limits and how individuals can challenge and overcome them. Mike shares his personal experience of running 100 miles on zero calories and discusses his unconventional approach to nutrition and training. The conversation also delves into the importance of strength training for injury prevention and performance enhancement in long-distance running. Listeners gain valuable insights into pushing boundaries, redefining capabilities, and finding inspiration in adversity.
Key Takeaways:

Challenging limits: Mike McKnight shares his motivation for running 100 miles on zero calories, aiming to prove that it is possible to perform at a high level without traditional carb-loading. He emphasizes the importance of self-imposed limits and the role individuals play in deciding their own limitations.
Training for long-distance running: Mike explains his training approach, which focuses on time on feet rather than miles. He recommends training to mimic race conditions and experimenting with nutrition strategies to find what works best for each individual.
The role of strength training: Mike highlights the significance of strength training in preventing injuries and improving performance in long-distance running. He discusses the impact of muscle imbalances and the importance of activating specific muscles to avoid common running-related issues.
Overcoming adversity: Mike shares his personal journey of breaking his back in a skiing accident and how it led him to discover ultrarunning. He emphasizes the power of adversity in shaping one’s path and encourages listeners to find inspiration in challenging circumstances.

Notable Quotes:

“People might inspire us to put those limitations on ourselves, but at the end of the day, we’re the ones that created those limits.” – Mike McKnight.
“Train like you’re going to race. Experiment with nutrition during training to find what helps your body thrive on race day.” – Mike McKnight
“Strength training is essential for injury prevention and muscle endurance in long-distance running.” – Mike McKnight.
“Through adversity, anything can come from that. I can never predict where I’d be at if I didn’t break my back, but I’m grateful it happened.” – Mike McKnight.

0:00:00 Introduction to the podcast and welcoming the audience
0:00:33 Discussion on the topic of limits and a quote from Tony Robbins
0:01:11 Mentality and mindset in overcoming limits
0:01:53 Introduction of the special guest, Mike McKnight
0:02:23 Mike McKnight’s background as an ultra-runner
0:03:01 Mike McKnight’s motivation for pushing his limits
0:03:56 Mike McKnight’s experience of running 100 miles on zero calories
0:06:05 Training approach for long-distance runs
0:08:19 Importance of practicing nutrition and fueling strategies during training
0:09:34 Training approach for half and full marathons
0:10:41 Focus on volume and time spent running rather than pace
0:11:23 The importance of strength training for runners
0:12:32 The role of strength training in preventing injuries
0:14:40 The benefits of combining cardio and strength training
0:15:37 The importance of muscle activation for runners
0:16:38 Personal experience of breaking his back and how it led to ultramarathoning

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