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Eager to Motivate
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E2M Fitness Media Network
Unlocking the Power of Stillness: Navigating Life's Turmoil

Dawain Atkinson is a fitness enthusiast and co-host of the Bad podcast. He has undergone a remarkable transformation in his fitness journey, from when he struggled with basic exercises to now preparing to step on stage for a bodybuilding competition. Dawain’s dedication and commitment to his fitness goals have inspired many, and he continues to motivate others through his journey.

Brad Barmore is a fitness expert and co-host of the Bad podcast. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness industry, Brad provides valuable insights and guidance to listeners. He is passionate about helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and encourages them to push beyond their limits.

Episode Summary:
In this episode of the Bad podcast, co-hosts Dawain Atkinson and Brad Barmore discuss the importance of self-reflection and contentment in one’s fitness journey. They begin by sharing their predictions for the Super Bowl and then dive into the episode’s main topic. Week seven of their eight-week challenge focuses on self-reflection and gratitude. Dawain reflects on his own fitness journey, highlighting the progress he has made and the challenges he has overcome. He emphasizes the importance of appreciating where one starts and celebrating the small victories along the way. Brad adds that comparison is the thief of joy and encourages listeners to focus on their progress rather than comparing themselves to others. They also discuss the concept of the “eye of the storm” and how it relates to maintaining motivation and setting new goals. The episode concludes with a reminder to keep pushing and striving to improve one’s fitness journey.

Key Takeaways:

Appreciate the journey: It is important to appreciate where one starts and celebrate the small victories along the way in a fitness journey.
Avoid comparison: Comparison is the thief of joy. Instead of comparing oneself to others, focus on personal progress and growth.
Set new goals: After reaching a milestone or achieving a goal, it is essential to set new goals to continue the journey and avoid settling into contentment.

Maintenance is a myth: Maintenance is not a static state. One either gets better or worse. It is important to continue striving for improvement.
Stay motivated: The “eye of the storm” is a crucial phase in a fitness journey. It is essential to maintain motivation and set new goals to keep progressing.

Notable Quotes:

“Every day is a victory. So to answer your question, appreciating where you start is super important,” Dawain Atkinson said.
“Comparison is the thief of joy. If I’m looking at her results, if I’m looking at his results, if I’m looking over my shoulder, that’s when I stumble and fall flat on my face.” – Brad Barmore.
“Just because you’re in the eye of the storm doesn’t mean the battle is not over,” said Brad Barmore.
“Don’t bend, don’t bend. Stay true.” – Brad Barmore.
“More forest, baby.” – Dawain Atkinson


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Join Dawain Atkinson and Brad Barmore in this episode of the Bad podcast as they discuss the importance of self-reflection and contentment in a fitness journey. They share personal experiences, insights, and valuable advice to motivate listeners to appreciate their progress, avoid comparison, and set new goals. Don’t miss out on this inspiring episode; stay tuned for more enlightening content from the Bad podcast.

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