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Eager to Motivate
E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
The Process: Winning the Small Battles on the Journey to Success

In this invigorating episode of the bad podcast, co-hosts Brad and Dawain flying solo without guests, dissect the value of “the process.” Motivated by Joe Madden’s profound words on being fearless in taking care of the small moments, Brad and Dawain dive deep into what it takes to conquer the mental battles one encounters on their journey to success.

Touching on the importance of handling the finite moments with care and the cumulative effect they have on larger goals, they urge listeners to focus on micro victories. They discuss the struggles associated with staying disciplined during moments of temptation, especially when goals like bodybuilding competitions are on the horizon. Through the lens of personal experiences, such as Dawain’s preparation for an amateur bodybuilding debut and Brad’s insights on perseverance, the episode emphasizes resilience and the power of perseverance.

The duo stresses the significance of those behind-the-scenes moments—where true winners thrive out of the limelight, sharing their paths of self-accountability and discipline. Dawain recounts a pivotal conversation with a guidance counselor that left an impact. Brad challenges the mindset of settling for “it is what it is,” encouraging listeners to always aspire to do more.
Key Takeaways:

Embracing "the process" and focusing on winning the seconds can translate to overall success and achievement in any endeavor.
Discipline behind closed doors is crucial; the decisions made in solitude, especially during temptations, can profoundly impact one's progress.
"Winning or learning," not failing, should be the mindset when pursuing goals to maintain motivation and resilience.
Everyday victories, no matter how minor, contribute to mastery and are essential building blocks to greatness.
Refusing to be limited by others' expectations or the fear of failure is a recurring theme that drives Dawain and Brad, and they suggest the same for their listeners.

Notable Quotes:

"If you take care of the seconds, the minutes, the hours in a day, they take care of themselves." - Brad, quoting Joe Madden
"The process is fearless." - Brad.   

“Winning the seconds… those are the moments when you’re alone. There is no accountability.” – Dawain.
“When the curtains are closed, the shades are drawn, you’re behind, nobody’s watching. Those are the moments that define you.” – Brad.

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