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E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
The Power of Community in Fitness Success | The BAD Podcast

In this dynamic episode of “the Bad podcast,” hosts Brad and Dawain dive deep into the power of community and support in fitness with their guest, Roger, the CEO of Rockbox Fitness. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the underpinnings of successful fitness programs and the substantial role of communal support in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.The conversation uncovers the parallels between Rockbox Fitness’s approach to creating a supportive fitness environment and the e2m fitness community. Roger elaborates on the significance of eliminating competition and judgement from the workout environment, fostering an inclusive space where individuals focus on personal progress rather than comparison. Furthermore, he discusses the company’s philosophy on establishing good habits, the strategic elimination of mirrors to promote a non-judgemental atmosphere, and the encouragement of camaraderie amongst members through accountability coaches and group activities. All these contribute to a strong sense of belonging and community in fitness.

Resources: Rockbox Fitness: Nationwide franchise offering boxing for fitness classes. (https://www.rockboxfitness.com/)

Roger’s New Book: “An Insider’s Guide to Business” (https://a.co/d/4iCvkI7)

E2M Fitness: Mentioned as a parallel online fitness community emphasizing support and community. (e2mfitness.com)

Discover the transformative power of community and the impactful leadership insights Roger shares by tuning into the full episode. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of experienced industry leaders and stay connected for more enlightening conversations that are sure to motivate and inspire your personal and professional growth.


Timestamp Summary
0:00:00 Introduction to the podcast and topic of community and support
0:02:02 Introduction of guest, Roger, CEO of Rockbox Fitness
0:03:33 Discussion on how Rockbox Fitness establishes a supportive community
0:05:09 Importance of accountability in the six-week transformation program
0:06:21 Community building rituals before, during, and after workouts
0:08:20 Removing mirrors to create a judgment-free environment
0:10:20 Importance of non-scale victories and mutual respect in the fitness journey
0:11:18 Brad introduces the concept of a virtual fist bump for accountability.
0:12:05 Dawain discusses the community aspect of their program and its inspiration from CrossFit.
0:13:04 Roger shares his background in corporate America and the importance of leadership in building a culture of accountability and community.
0:14:13 Roger explains how he instills values in his leadership team and trainers, emphasizing the importance of values in decision-making.
0:18:19 Brad suggests a collaboration between their companies and discusses the importance of staying true to personal values.
0:20:54 Dawain mentions the proximity of their studios and plans for a potential collaboration.
0:21:59 Roger encourages listeners to find a fitness activity they enjoy and emphasizes the importance of movement for overall health.
0:23:09 Brad hates running but loves running.
0:23:44 Brad discusses utilizing physical gyms for fitness.
0:24:11 Brad shares a conversation about the need for collaboration.
0:25:44 Roger reveals his background as a lead guitar player in a rock band.
0:26:45 Roger’s son moved to LA to pursue a career as an electronic music producer.
0:28:03 Roger mentions a potential franchise deal in the Boston area.
0:28:22 Brad ends the conversation with a motivational statement.

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