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Eager to Motivate
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E2M Fitness Media Network
Spoonettes - How to Stay Motivated During Summer Time Fun!

How to Stay Motivated During Summer Time Fun!

Welcome back to another episode of The Spoonettes Podcast! In episode 7, the ladies discuss staying motivated and disciplined during summer vacations, and parties abound. Mandy shares fantastic tips on planning and staying on track, while Whit offers some tasty low-calorie adult beverage options. Alicia chimes in with her advice on making workout plans while on vacation. Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or attending a backyard BBQ, the Spoonettes have got you covered with plenty of motivation and inspiration to keep you on track and feeling great all summer long. Tune in now to hear their top tips and tricks!

How to Stay Motivated During Summer Time Fun!

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00:00 Intro
01:17 Mandy Plan ahead of all trips
02:20 Whit looks ahead of time for restaurants
03:24 Alicia talk about picking up healthy snacks and water.
04:40 Whit talking about building discipline that will carry you during your vacations
05:16 Mandy says to take vacations around activity
05:50 Alicia, take what you need to get your workout in
07:20 Alicia talks about lookup gyms in the area and checking for day passes
08:57 Being out doesn’t have to be centered around food and more social
09:53 Stay away from the snack table
10:25 Mandy talks about taking your food to functions
12:00 Whit suggestions for an adult beverage that is low calorie
13:50 Keep a cup of what you like non-adult beverage that no one knows
16:00 Conclusion