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E2M Fitness Media Network
Prepare to Perform “Outside Lens” w Jimal Deas Sports Performance & Soft Tissue Specialist

Jimal Deas, owner of Deas Performance and Therapy, joins the Bad Podcast to discuss the importance of preparation and education in athletic performance. Jimal shares his journey from being a college football player to becoming a sought-after therapist for elite athletes. He emphasizes the significance of proactive measures such as hydration, foam rolling, stretching, and core exercises in preventing injuries and optimizing performance. Jimal also highlights the impact of running on hard surfaces and the importance of proper posture and breathing techniques. He concludes by emphasizing consistency and dedication in maintaining a healthy and prepared body.

Key Takeaways:

Hydration, foam rolling, stretching, and core exercises prevent injuries and optimize performance.
Running on hard surfaces can lead to ankle injuries, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.
Proper posture and breathing techniques are crucial for reducing neck pain during running.
Consistency and dedication are key to maintaining a healthy and prepared body.

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Timestamp Summary
0:00:01 Introduction and overview of the podcast episode
0:03:48 Jamal’s journey to working with professional athletes
0:06:43 Jamal’s work with elite runners and NFL players
0:08:21 Proactive measures for athletes to prepare for events
0:09:48 Importance of foam rolling with a purpose
0:11:12 Engaging the core properly for injury prevention
0:12:43 The process of creating “poetry in motion” in athletics
0:13:06 Causes of injuries for runners: running on hard surfaces
0:14:43 Importance of ankle and foot health for overall body
0:14:58 Tips for relieving lower back pain
0:18:13 Benefits of chiropractic adjustments before races
0:19:53 Pain from foam rolling decreases with consistency
0:22:09 Importance of consistent self-care for recovery and performance
0:23:00 The need for consistency in preventative measures for chronic injuries
0:24:20 Jimal’s journey into physical therapy and changing his major
0:26:34 Jimal Deas talks about his internship and sponsorships.
0:27:20 Question about neck pain after running.
0:27:52 Jimal Deas explains that neck pain when running can be caused by poor posture and breathing.
0:29:20 Jimal Deas discusses the importance of a strong core for proper posture while running.
0:30:09 Jimal Deas promotes his business, DSPT Therapy, and provides his Instagram and Facebook handles.
0:31:20 Jimal Deas explains his minimal social media presence and quotes his mentor.
0:32:23 Dawain Atkinson thanks the audience and encourages them to comment in the run group.
0:32:30 Closing remarks.
0:32:35 End of transcript.