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Eager to Motivate
E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
Motivation and Overcoming Challenges: Insights from Fitness Experts| Guest Coach Whit

About the Guest(s):

Whit is one of the E2M trainers and a fit mom who draws inspiration from her daughter. She is known for her spunky and lively personality and is excited to share her advice on the podcast.

Episode Summary:
Welcome to another edition of the “Bad Podcast” with hosts Brad and Dawain. In this episode, they discuss the topic of decision-making and the importance of choosing what is good for you over what feels good. They are joined by special guest Whit, one of the E2M trainers, who shares her insights on staying motivated and overcoming challenges. The conversation revolves around the significance of having a strong “why” and the power of consistency in achieving goals. The hosts and guests also touch on the value of hard work, the dangers of comparison, and the importance of focusing on one’s own journey.
Key Takeaways:

Making a habit of choosing what is good for you over what feels good is essential for personal growth and success.
Overcoming challenges and failures is a powerful motivator to keep pushing forward and not let yourself down.
Consistency is key in achieving long-term goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Comparing oneself to others can hinder progress and lead to dissatisfaction. It is important to focus on one’s own journey and be the best version of oneself.
Hard work and dedication are necessary for achieving success, regardless of natural talent or genetics.

Notable Quotes:

“Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you.” – Brad
“I don’t like that feeling of letting myself down. I’m determined to stick with it and see how far I can go.” – Whit
“Once you quit one time, quitting becomes easy. That’s why it’s important to stay committed and not give up.” – Dawain


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0:00:01 | Introduction and topic of discussion: decision making
0:00:10 | Brad quotes the hip hop preacher
0:01:10 | Special guest introduction
0:04:27 | Whit discusses her motivation to avoid failure
0:06:31 | Brad talks about his desire to win and hate for losing
0:07:47 | Whit shares her strategy of isolating herself to stay focused
0:09:50 | Brad reveals his physical object for motivation
0:10:50 | Dawain discusses his strategy of planning and prepping for the next day
0:11:44 | Dawain discusses feeling drained and frustrated after a certain time
0:12:23 | Dawain shares how he stays focused on preparation
0:13:16 | Brad emphasizes the importance of taking small steps and staying consistent
0:14:26 | Whit talks about the value of consistency and being a morning person
0:16:19 | Brad discusses the dangers of cutting corners and the importance of winning battles
0:17:53 | Dawain quotes Michael Jordan on the ease of quitting once you start
0:18:36 | Whit asks how they feel about overcoming challenges versus being given something
0:19:06 | Brad shares his perspective on the value of earning something
0:19:30 | Dawain talks about the value of talent and genetics
0:22:04 | Whit emphasizes the importance of being the best version of oneself
0:23:45 | Whit and Brad discuss their personal fitness journeys and appreciate their progress
0:24:22 | Comparison is the thief of joy and can distract from personal success
0:25:32 | Examples of successful individuals who focused on their own journey
0:26:56 | Discussion on beverage preferences
0:27:44 | Gratitude for each other’s support
0:28:22 | Introduction to the “Do you know or did you know?” segment
0:29:03 | Personal experience with yo-yo dieting and dream of being a firefighter
0:30:20 | Claustrophobia and dislike of small spaces
0:31:40 | Call to action for viewers to share and leave reviews

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