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E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
Matthew McClellan's Shocking Discipline Secrets Revealed | The BAR Podcast

In this dynamic edition of the podcast, Brad Barmore and Dawain Atkinson deep dive into the importance of discipline with their guest, Matthew McClellan. From examining the transformative power of discipline in personal health and fitness to discussing unconventional diet approaches like Matthew’s renowned pizza diet, this episode unveils actionable insights on maintaining a balanced lifestyle amidst modern challenges.
Matthew shares his unique journey from being an entrepreneur to a fitness advocate. He enlightens listeners on his approach to redefining the image of pizza through a disciplined diet and a fitness regimen that led to notable health benefits. The conversation explores the psychological aspects of fitness, such as the significance of one’s environment and the value of enjoying the process of staying fit. The discussion is peppered with SEO-optimized keywords focused on diet, fitness, discipline, bodybuilding, and personal transformation.
Key Takeaways:

The pizza diet concept involves responsibly consuming pizza to illustrate that healthy eating can include enjoying your favorite foods in moderation.
Discipline, commitment, and enjoying the process are key to achieving and maintaining fitness goals.
An effective support system and a positive mindset are crucial for overcoming challenges like intense fitness regimens or bodybuilding competitions.
There is a need for an increased focus on health and fitness education from an early age, as one’s physical well-being significantly impacts overall life quality.
Matthew’s story of overcoming a rare disease at birth to becoming a fitness champion illustrates the power of resilience and not falling victim to one’s circumstances.

Notable Quotes:

Matthew McClellan shares, “I said, you know, the Jared Subway diet doesn’t work… If you ate pizza responsibly, pizza could be the healthiest food on the market.”
Reflecting on his transformation, Matthew notes, “I was the most hated man in the city… And I came back with my tail between my legs… I made one comment, one statement… I’m going to put my pizza where my mouth is, and I’m going to go on a 30-day pizza diet.”
On the power of mentorship and coaching, Matthew states, “I have all the knowledge… But sometimes you get lost in your way… and even though I know the words and other people tell them to me, it’s about how it resonates.”
Highlighting the importance of personal growth, he advises, “Do a bodybuilding show, run a triathlon, and do stand-up comedy… it builds you.”

Timestamp Summary
0:00:01 Introduction and setting
0:00:10 Discussion on discipline and guest introduction
0:01:14 Compliments and appreciation for Brad
0:03:36 Importance of tone and different perspectives
0:06:11 Impact of environment and insulation
0:08:49 Matthew’s story of inventing the pizza diet
0:09:54 Importance of enjoying the process and utilizing fitness devices
0:10:26 Challenges of turning home into a place of intensity
0:10:26 Matthew’s collection of fitness tools for elite athletes
0:10:26 Conclusion and end of the conversation
0:10:58 Matthew McClellan discusses specific fitness tools and techniques
0:11:28 Matthew McClellan explains how PTSD and emotional trauma can affect fitness
0:11:59 Matthew McClellan criticizes extreme workout methods and the negative effects they can have
0:13:12 Matthew McClellan discusses the common pattern of New Year’s resolutions failing
0:14:04 Matthew McClellan shares a personal anecdote about achieving fitness goals while eating only pizza
0:15:18 Brad Barmore emphasizes the importance of portion control and enjoying the process of fitness
0:17:10 Brad Barmore discusses his teaching background and his approach to motivating clients
0:18:22 Dawain Atkinson emphasizes the importance of discipline and the e2m program’s focus on whole foods
0:20:45 Matthew McClellan offers advice to Dawain Atkinson on preparing for his physique show
0:22:11 Triathlons and bodybuilding as humbling experiences
0:23:36 The bond and mutual respect among physically fit individuals
0:24:32 The importance of prioritizing health and fitness
0:27:09 Matthew McClellan’s journey from the pizza industry to fitness
0:28:16 The future of accessing the sympathetic response through vertical gyms
0:29:35 Matthew McClellan’s battle with a rare disease and overcoming challenges

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