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Eager to Motivate
E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Network Media - BAD Podcast - Episode 8 - Fast Track “Starve yourself Weaknesses”

▪️Only at the Point of starving your weaknesses is when you can establish your true strength.

▪️When an abundance of anything surrounds us, we often will lose control.

▪️Anything in abundance is poison.

▪️Food, power, ego, money, etc.

▪️We are suffering so badly that we don’t realize it until we try to regain control.

▪️The further away from control, the harder it will be to establish the necessary discipline to reclaim your life.

▪️Fasting has been a tremendous mental test to see if I could redefine the edge and push beyond.

▪️I had to be my most excellent accountability partner, which is powerful because you can run from everyone except yourself.

▪️If you ever feel yourself spiraling out of control, a challenge must be set to remind you that you are in charge.

▪️Be disciplined and take complete control of your life.