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Eager to Motivate
E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network - BAD Podcast - “Win or Lose, Come back”

▪️All successful people value the quality of ownership.

▪️Taking responsibility for the good, bad, and ugly and accepting that you get a new slate each day is imperative.

▪️You’re not going to win every day.

▪️Win or lose, come back one more time and try again.

▪️Nothing will ever get easier by running away from resistance.

▪️Never allow past wins or losses to dictate today’s motive.

▪️Everyone wants success.

▪️Those that succeed eliminate any internal or external influences and find a way to take control of their life.

▪️Everything in the world: the good and the bad, comes with a price. The cost of taking ownership is far less than the price of regret.