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E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
BAD Podcast - Don’t Sink “Build on Bedrock”

In this episode of the BAD Podcast, Dawain, and Brad discuss the importance of building on a solid foundation. Using the example of the Millennium building, which began sinking just a few years after residents moved in, they explain how structures crumble when built on an unreliable base. The same principle applies to fitness – if you try to run before you walk, you’re likely to fail.

To build a strong foundation for success in any area of life, Dawain and Brad recommend relying on three essential skills: preparation, discipline, and patience. You can create the ironclad life you deserve by following a blueprint, building on bedrock, and expressing patience and discipline. Tune in to hear more about building a solid life foundation and achieving your goals.

Don’t Sink
“Build on Bedrock”
▪️ In 2009, the Millennium Building began taking in residents.

▪️ In 2016, the building had sunk 16″.

▪️What happens when you build on an unreliable base, structure crumbles.

▪️This is relatable to fitness. If you run before you walk, you will fail.

▪️Be reliant on these three skills. Preparation, discipline, and patience.

▪️Follow a blueprint, build on bedrock, and express patience and discipline to build the ironclad life you deserve.


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