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E2M Fitness Media Network
BAD Podcast 26 - Take Control “You are the Pilot”

In this episode of Take Control, Brad and Dawain discuss the importance of taking control of your life. They emphasize that it’s not enough to just focus on fitness – you need to take control of all aspects of your life. The hosts give practical tips on how to do this, such as setting clear goals and taking action toward them. They also stress the importance of not just standing by and letting life happen to you, but rather being the pilot of your own life. Don’t miss this empowering episode!

Take Control
“You are the Pilot”
▪️ Intentional turbulence is an underrated component that we often dismiss.

▪️Everybody that’s anybody wants to achieve greatness, yet they want the path of least resistance.

▪️We experience a rough path, some ups and downs, external turbulence and we throw up the white flag.

▪️Imagine if a pilot through up their hands and quit flying their plane at the first sign of rough skies ahead.

▪️This life that you live is your plan. You are the pilot.

▪️It’s time to take control.

▪️It’s time to be intentional with the turbulence you insert into your daily actions.

▪️Fitness, life, wealth, parenting or any other great quality of life wasn’t intended to be easy.

▪️Before the universe makes it tough, get ahead of the game and make it tough for yourself.