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BAD Podcast – Worst to First “Be a Buffalo”

E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
BAD Podcast - Worst to First “Be a Buffalo”

In this episode of the BAD podcast, Brad and Dawain discuss the concept of “Worst to First” and the importance of having a “Be a Buffalo” mentality. They highlight how often we find ourselves traveling on the same path as millions before us, circling the base of a mountain without truly believing we can make the trek to the top. The hosts emphasize that everything that will help us reach the paramount of our journey starts from within our own minds.

Talking about it is not enough, action is essential. We all know what needs to be done, but it is not enough to just know it. We need to work consistently and efficiently for the long haul. The hosts also share an inspiring story of Prime coming to Colorado and demonstrating that he’s not just talking the talk but walking the walk that only a few are willing to make. The episode concludes with the message that a “Be a Buffalo” mindset is crucial for achieving success and reaching the top of the mountain.