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Eager to Motivate

In this episode of the BAD Podcast, Brad and Dawain discuss the concept of “Prep-Rep-Repeat” in relation to fantasy football and life. They question how much time we waste on things that have little to no impact on our lives, while failing to prepare ourselves for the things that truly matter.

Fantasy football, with its research, team selection, and weekly roster adjustments, is a prime example of the kind of preparation we should be doing in life. However, we often focus countless hours on activities that don’t contribute to our overall well-being or long-term satisfaction.

While fantasy football may produce some temporary excitement, it’s unlikely to provide the same level of fulfillment in the long run. Instead, Brad and Dawain encourage listeners to approach life with the same energy and enthusiasm they bring to fantasy football and other temporary activities. By doing so, they’ll discover what it truly feels like to win in the things that matter most. Tune in to this episode for more insights on how to Prep-Rep-Repeat your way to success.