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E2M Fitness Media Network
BAD Podcast - Preparation to Performance Leading by Example An Outside Lens with Tucker Grose

Tucker is a full-time running coach based in Colorado. He has been running since he was eight years old and has participated in various running events, from trail running to road marathons. Tucker is also a coach for high school track and cross-country teams. He is passionate about helping athletes of all ages and abilities improve their running performance and overall health.
Episode Summary:
In this episode, hosts Brad and Dawain interview Tucker, a running coach with extensive experience in training athletes of all levels. They discuss the importance of preparation in running and provide valuable advice for beginners who are just starting their running journey. Tucker emphasizes the need to train at a level that matches an individual’s current abilities and gradually work up from there. He also highlights the significance of mental toughness in running and shares strategies for developing it. The conversation touches on the role of a coach in guiding and supporting athletes, as well as the importance of listening to one’s body and adjusting training accordingly.
Key Takeaways:

Choose a training plan that matches your current abilities and gradually work up from there.
Focus on the training process rather than solely on race day.
Mental toughness is crucial in running and can be developed through challenging workouts and focusing on form.
Use cues like conversational pace and breath rate to gauge perceived effort while running.
Walking breaks can be beneficial for longer runs and controlling breathing.

Notable Quotes:

“Train where you are at, where your abilities are at, because if you try to train in a way that you’re not ready for, you may end up burning out or getting injured.” – Tucker
“Running is hard, and it requires mental toughness. You are 100% responsible for moving your body, and there’s no easy way out.” – Tucker.

“The best way to improve as a runner is to run longer and expose your body to the stimulus of easy effort for a longer duration.” – Tucker


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