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BAD Podcast – I’m not going anywhere. “What it takes to win”

E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
BAD Podcast - I’m not going anywhere. “What it takes to win”

In this episode of the BAD podcast, Brad and Dawain discuss the topic of “What it takes to win.” They emphasize the importance of experiencing a windy road in order to learn how to win. They point out that people who struggle to find success often view a bend in the road as a negative turn, whereas winners see it as an opportunity to close the gap and come out on top.

Adversity is inevitable in life, but the hosts encourage listeners to stop, back up, and make another attempt instead of giving up. Failure from a speed bump can’t be an option. They stress the importance of believing in oneself and not surrendering to setbacks.

Ultimately, the hosts believe that dreams can become a reality once we face the reality of our situation and learn to persevere through challenges. So, tune in to this episode of the BAD podcast to gain valuable insights on what it takes to win in life.