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E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
BAD Podcast - Fear is an Illusion “Outside Lens w Jeff Tsang”

About The Guest(s):
Jeff TSang is an OCB Pro bodybuilder. He won the OCB Pro Bodybuilding title in 2020 and has been involved in bodybuilding for over three years. Jeff’s passion for fitness began when he saw Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III and was inspired by his physique. He has been dedicated to fitness ever since, and his love for bodybuilding led him to compete and eventually earn his pro card.
In this episode of the Bad Podcast, hosts Brad and Dawain discuss the topic of fear and how to use fitness as a lifestyle rather than just chasing goals and accolades. They are joined by guest Jeff Tsang, an OCB Pro bodybuilder, who shares his experiences and insights on overcoming fear and pushing past limits. Jeff talks about his journey in bodybuilding, starting from competing and finishing last to eventually earning his pro card. He emphasizes the importance of using fear as motivation and trusting the process to achieve success in fitness and life. The hosts also discuss their own experiences with fear and how they have used it to fuel their progress.
Key Takeaways:

Fear can be a powerful motivator to push past limits and achieve success.
Trusting the process and taking action are essential in overcoming fear and reaching goals.
Failure and setbacks are opportunities for growth and should not deter one from pursuing their dreams.
Hitting rock bottom can be a turning point and a starting point for climbing back up.
The journey to success is filled with challenges, but the moments of triumph make it all worthwhile.


“Any fear is an illusion. You think something is standing in your way, but nothing is really there.” – Michael Jordan.
“Trust in the process, and you will get there.” – Jeff Tsang
“Fear can be turned into fuel.” – Dawain
“Hitting rock bottom is the starting point for climbing back up.” – Brad

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