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E2M Fitness Media Network
Unlock Your Mental Strength: A Coach's Guide

Mike Aidala is a performance coach based in Boulder, Colorado. He is the founder of The Offense, a coaching business that helps individuals live life on offense by taking action and being proactive. Mike is known for his expertise in mental toughness and mindset coaching, and he specializes in working with athletes and individuals looking to optimize their performance. With a background in ultra-marathon running, Mike brings a unique perspective to his coaching, emphasizing the importance of mental strength and self-empowerment. He is passionate about helping others develop a positive relationship with their inner voice and language, as well as cultivating gratitude and taking ownership of their actions. Mike’s approach is grounded in practical strategies and exercises that can be implemented in daily life to enhance mental well-being and achieve personal growth.
Episode Summary:
In this episode of the Bad podcast, hosts Brad and Dawain are joined by performance coach Mike Idella to discuss the topics of mental toughness and ownership. The conversation revolves around the importance of language, the power of positive self-talk, and the impact of mindset on overall well-being. Mike shares insights on how to develop a positive relationship with the voice in one’s head and set boundaries with negative self-talk. He emphasizes the role of ownership in personal growth and highlights the significance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and goals. The discussion also touches on the value of gratitude and the impact it has on mental health. Throughout the episode, practical strategies and exercises are shared to help listeners cultivate mental toughness and optimize their performance in various aspects of life.
Key Takeaways:

Developing a positive relationship with the voice in one’s head is crucial for mental toughness. Setting boundaries with negative self-talk and using positive language can enhance overall well-being.
Confidence comes from setting appropriate goals and taking actions that align with those goals. Comparing oneself to others is a losing battle, and focusing on personal effort and growth is more productive.
Expressing gratitude has a significant impact on mental health and well-being. Practicing gratitude daily by reflecting on what went well and why can help cultivate a positive mindset.
Taking ownership of one’s actions and goals is essential for personal growth. Blaming others or external circumstances hinders progress, while taking responsibility empowers individuals to make positive changes.
Setting values as guidelines for life helps create boundaries and focus on what truly matters. Identifying activity buckets that align with personal values can guide decision-making and enhance overall fulfillment.

Notable Quotes:

“All strength starts within.” – Brad
“Developing that positive relationship with the voice in your head, you can name it if you’d like. Because it pops up often. And so figuring out what is the perfect, what’s the ideal relationship that you can have with that language, and what are some words that serve you and don’t serve you?” – Mike Aidala
“Confidence comes from doing things that you say you’re gonna do. And if you want confidence, then you gotta pick appropriate goals.” – Mike Aidala.”Gratitude has a significant impact on our sense of well-being. Feeling grateful for your life can bring about positive changes in mindset and overall happiness.” – Mike Aidala.”Creating your own boundaries and your own system is so helpful because if not, then you don’t know where those boundaries are, and you don’t know if you’re in or out. And that can create anxiety of not getting it.” – Mike Aidala.
Mike Idella’s Instagram: @mike.aidala