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Eager to Motivate
E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
Triumph Over Trials: Lacy's Comeback with SlickText and Purpose

Lacy is a dedicated professional who joined e2m in November 2020, experiencing significant life changes. As a single mom of three, she found solace and transformation through e2m, integrating fitness into her life. Lacy is also the Customer Support Manager at Slick Text, a text message marketing platform. She leads a team that helps clients connect with their audience through text messages, offering personalized and automated solutions.
Episode Summary:
In this episode of the Bad podcast with Brad and Dawain, the focus is on community, purpose, motive, and intent. The guest, Lacy, shares her inspiring comeback story, highlighting the role of friends and the support she found in E2M. The discussion delves into the importance of diving headfirst into fitness, overcoming obstacles as a single mom, and finding confidence through transformation.
Key themes revolve around the power of community, the impact of small steps in fitness journeys, and the significance of prioritizing self-care while balancing responsibilities as a parent and professional. The episode captures the essence of resilience, growth, and the positive changes that come with embracing new challenges.
Key Takeaways:

Lacy’s journey showcases the transformative power of fitness in rebuilding confidence and finding balance as a single mom.
The importance of community and support in maintaining motivation and sustaining fitness goals.
Embracing imperfection and allowing for flexibility in fitness routines leads to long-term success and well-being.
Slick Text’s role in facilitating meaningful connections through text message marketing for businesses of all sizes.
Overcoming self-imposed limitations and societal pressures to start the fitness journey with determination and a willingness to evolve.

Notable Quotes:

“Growth isn’t comfortable. I would just encourage you to jump in and start. A month from now, you’re going to be a completely different person.” – Lacy
“We are not defined by how hard we fall. We are defined by how fast we get back up to our feet and continue on with the journey.” – Brad


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