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E2M Fitness Media Network
E2M Fitness Media Network
The Inspiring Health Journey of Vickie Amos & the MF'n Unicorns | The BAD Podcast

About the Guest(s):

Vicki Amos is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and a member of the e2m personal training group. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Vicki is no stranger to fitness and working out. However, it was a wake-up call from her doctor that pushed her to take her health and wellness more seriously. After joining e2m, Vicki found a supportive community that helped her on her fitness journey. She is known as the “MF and Unicorn” and is passionate about empowering others to believe in themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Bad podcast, hosts Brad and Dawain are joined by Vicki Amos, also known as the “MF’n Unicorn.” Vicki shares her fitness journey and how she found e2m personal training. After receiving a serious warning from her doctor about her health, Vicki decided to take action and joined e2m. She talks about the importance of having a supportive community and how she connected with other e2m members. Vicki also shares the story behind the “MF’n Unicorn” and how it has become a rallying cry for empowerment. The episode concludes with a discussion about Vicki’s sponsorship of the e2m Atlanta meetup and her plans for the future.

Key Takeaways:

Notable Quotes:


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